Each and every human being desires that his house, workplaces etc. will be pleasant and beautiful. Now-a-days wall, floor & Homogeneous tiles are mainly used for this purpose. With the development of science & technology in ceramic sector it is now possible to produce wall & floor tiles of diversified color, amazing and attractive picturesque, with more durability and comfort.

With the help of century old Chinese expertise in ceramic sector and using mostly local raw materials CHINA-BANGLA CERAMIC INDUSTRIES LTD. (CBC) is producing beautiful high quality wall, floor & Homogeneous tiles of international standard. CBC is now producing 9000 M2 tiles per day including Homogeneous tiles with nearly zero water absorption.

CBC has selected machineries for its production line considering that Bangladesh is in the tropical zone. The PRESS, which is the core of the whole installation, has been imported from SACMI, Italy being the best of its kind in the world. We have selected KILN with "DOUBLE FIRING" system and most modern glazing and printing lines. CBC has installed a most modern DIGITAL PRINTING MACHINE in its production line recently to enrich printing quality of . Moreover, DIGITAL CUTTING TECHNOLOGY is used for maintaining accurate size of homogeneous tiles. Production, Process technology and R&D in CBC are managed by relevant experts from China and Bangladesh.

Having the first grade of equipment, laboratory, raw materials, process technology and management, the first grade of tiles is guaranteed by CBC.

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