In the beginning of new millennium inspired and pioneered by Mr. Md. Shirajul Islam Mollah, MP a leading business person and banker, a group of investors from Bangladesh took initiative for a project for manufacturing modern Tiles in Bangladesh. Being aware of the fact that in the field of Ceramic Technology China has got several century old expertise, Mr. Md. Shirajul Islam Mollah endeavored for Chinese participation in such project in Bangladesh and consequently CHINA-BANGLA CERAMIC INDUSTRIES LTD. (CBC) was incorporated in 26 June 2001 as a joint venture in private sector between Bangladesh and The People's Republic of China. At the time of establishment CBC was the largest Chinese investment in any public limited company in Bangladesh and Mr. Md. Shirajul Islam Mollah became the Managing Director of the Company. The company started commercial production in August 2002, producing Ceramic & Homogeneous tiles of international standard in its factory at Tarabo, Rupgonj, Narayanganj, Bangladesh.

CBC has selected machineries for its production line considering that Bangladesh is in the tropical zone. The PRESS, which is the core of the whole installation, has been imported from SACMI, Italy being the best of its kind in the world. Under the dynamic participation of its Chinese promoters and experts CBC's production lines were planned and equipped with world's most modern equipment. From the very beginning CBC is successfully producing a wide range of Wall and Floor tiles including Homogeneous, Decor and Border tiles with innovative designs in different sizes to cater the market demand with affordable and competitive price. CBC installed a SOPHISTICATED CUTTING TECHNOLOGY to maintain size accuracy of its Homogeneous tiles. The consumers have warmly accepted tiles due to its accurate size, superb quality and fashionable designs and demand of tiles became so high that the production capacity needed to be increased and expansion of the factory was completed in December 2005 installing new production lines. In March 2011 a program for further expansion of CBC production facility was taken and again a new production line has already been installed to be commissioned very soon. Moreover, a new digital printing facility has very recently been put into operation and it is now possible to produce wall & floor tiles of diversified color, amazing and attractive picturesque. With the help of century old Chinese expertise in ceramic sector and using mostly local raw materials CHINA-BANGLA CERAMIC INDUSTRIES LTD. (CBC) is producing beautiful high quality wall, floor & Homogeneous tiles of international standard. CBC is now producing 9000 M2 tiles per day including Homogeneous tiles with nearly zero water absorption.

CBC has a sophisticated laboratory for Quality Control and R&D managed by experts from China and Bangladesh. This Laboratory enables CBC to maintain quality of its products and to put a new product into manufacturing line within shortest possible time.

Having the highest grade of equipment, laboratory, raw materials, process technology and management, the first grade of tiles is guaranteed by CBC.

At present China-Bangla Ceramic Industries Ltd. have employed a total work force of more than 750 in its factory, Head Office and Showroom. CBC has dealers with adequate showroom facility covering district levels throughout Bangladesh.

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